Asophisticated spin on a favorite after school snack. the familiar snap of the cookie-based filling eases seamlessly into the bold blend of our sixty-percent cacao chocolate. 

Our flavor of the month is a homage to an original guilty pleasure. with a dollar and a craving, the Oreo was a way to add a crunchy escape to any school lunch. our piece inspired by the timeless snack blends together the crisp elements of the cookie bite with more refined tones of our darkest chocolate blended together. the filling provides a similar delightful crunch without having to pick your teeth afterwards. 



The blend of strawberry and pastry flavor is layered with a white chocolate finish, rounding out a familiar sensory ensemble with refinement. 

The under rated complexity of a Mexican classic is not lost in our piece. our flavor of the month is a recognizable fusion of strawberry, pastry, and the subtle crispness of the chocolate finish. our white chocolate blend adds a refreshing layer to the juicy composition we are all used to, wrapping up a package oozing with memories pulled right from the freezer. 


The custard flavor you crave when the weather cools can be a year-round bite-sized treat. the luscious cream filling is a perfect pairing for our signature white chocolate blend. 

A seat by the fireplace could only be homier with a cup of this favorite holiday treat. in our flavor of the month, we ask why not enjoy the comforting flavors of vanilla and honey laced egg year-round?  our white chocolate blend is a silky wrapper to the creamy, spice-touched filling you could be enjoying without having to ask abuela for her recipe. 


Spicy Pineapple

As close to the taste of summer without going to your local fruit stand, this piece is a vibrant mix of flush citrus with a kick of tamarindo spice, smoothed over by our light white chocolate blend. 

It’s difficult to capture all the vibrant flavors of summer in one bite, but a cup of piña and Tajín from the local fruit stand is pretty close. our piece has a citrusy flavor smoothed over with a caramelized tone, with the added kick that hits your palette in the right way. your local fruit stand didn’t have the way to add a white chocolate finish in their cups, and we think our cacao blend is a good way to brew together the bright tones. 


Café de Olla

The comforting sensation of a morning café can be an escape at any time of day. caramel nodes from locally sourced piloncillo adds a uniquely sweet touch to our sixty percent, vegan cacao blend. 

Waking up to the smell of freshly brewed café is a treasured pleasure of the early hours. the earthy fragrance that has filled houses for years is our inspiration for this piece. locally sourced piloncillo brightens the palette in the same way it has since you smelled it from bed at the abuelo’s house, and the bold sixty-percent cacao blend of our chocolate wraps the velvety sensation into a perfect bite. 



Enjoy the flavors of a classic treat without having to worry about it falling apart in your hand. the fragrant, crumbled bite of the filling is blended perfectly with our signature white chocolate for a smooth finish.

The craving for this nutty treat is only deterred by the prospect of getting chalky residue all over your hands. our piece takes the subtle fragrant taste of fresh almonds and adds a layer of decadence with our white chocolate blend. we achieve a similar crumbly texture layered in with locally sourced nuts that fulfills the antojo with a touch of sophistication. 


Mezcal & Orange

Flavor born from the sierra of Mexico and served in glasses across the world. the ethereal blend of smokiness with a kick of orange zest is molded together by the decadence of our sixty-percent cacao blend.

The earthy flavor of Mexican mezcal has taken by the world by storm, and it is a product truly made by the land you can savor. the exquisite smokiness that stocked in downtown bars and kitchen cabinets is what inspired our piece. Maybewest Artisanal Mezcal gives the mandatory citrusy flare of an orange paired with our Mexican grown sixty percent cacao blend, our monthly selection is the perfect synergy of quality ingredients. a smooth finish that represents the finest products de nuestra tierra. 

Mango & Chamoy

This lip-smacking favorite livens the taste buds and sun filled afternoons in the park. the juicy bite of a ripe mango paired with the tangy salsita of Chamoy sings to the tune of our medium blend cacao chocolate. 

A dry mouth and empty palette could not be better conquered by any other snack, a cup of mango and Chamoy is a staple of vivacious Mexican flavors. in this flavor of the month, we aspired to capture that grandiose flare of this luscious fruit paired with the luscious syrup used to kick any food into the next gear. these flavors ooze over our forty-three percent cacao blend chocolate that serves as a velvety vehicle better than any fruit stand vaso grande. 



A product not commonly picked up on your trip to the grocery store, our take on this dynamic fruit showcases its pungent flavor profile contrasted with our grounded sixty-percent blend cacao chocolate. 



The sensual flavors of a cherry are all too lost in the bright red saccharine products we are led to believe are its representative. for us, our forty-three percent cacao chocolate is the perfect date for the true nature of luscious cherry flavor to show itself off.


Only ten pesos a pound in the open-air markets of CDMX, this bright bulb is a delight for warm afternoons. the textured nature of the fruit translates well to our puree paired with the suave white chocolate finish of our sixty-percent cacao.  


We all have that one cousin who comes dressed to impress at all times, but don’t call them a fresa to their face.  it’s hard to go over the top with everyone’s favorite berry, and we think that the sensual pops of flavor this fruit brings is elegantly dressed in our forty-three percent milk chocolate. 

Pay de limon 43

A rare treat to brighten the pallet, our homage to this classic desert is a delicately textured filling with the snap of our forty-three percent cacao. difficult to replicate, delightful to indulge. 

A classic we hope to honor well. you didn’t know it was one of your favorite pays (yes, it’s spelled that way) until that fateful day one of your tías decided to brush off the recipe book. the bite of citrus with the decadence of the cake is difficult to replicate, but we think our filling smooths over your pallet in the same way with the crisp crunch of our forty-three percent cacao. 


Tamarindo y chapulines

Perceived to be a snack for the brave, this dynamic treat contains multitudes. our piece pairs this under rated classic with the flare of tamarindo in the cacoon of forty-three percent chocolate. 

Those who overcame their first trepidation of chapulines are usually rewarded by a complex and unique crunch common to the streets of Mexico. our piece does not require an act of bravery, with our bright and fiery filling of tamarindo acting as a partner for the layered flavor of chapulines, our forty-three percent chocolate with wrap the confection in a smooth finish. “just to say I did it” became “when can we do it again?” 


A rare find in the supermarket, find them in any season with our piece. the delicate flavors of this fruit translate to the delectable mixture of chocolate we paired with this flavor. with so many bold flavors in our collection, this piece of a way to explore your pallet on a subtle level. our white chocolate could hardly have a better partner to play with.